Born for the Word, to proclaim to all the luminous way of life that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you carry missionary boldness in your DNA,  (and) the protagonist of the mission is the Holy Spirit. To be missionary with a witness of life centred in Christ, especially for you, through editorial, digital and multimedia production, and by promoting critical formation via of the media and biblical animation.Nourish with the bread of the Word, go ahead, in the midst of the lights and shadows of the cultural context in which we live – take risks, take risks – be faithful to the perspective that is proper to you, that is, not primarily a moral judgment, but the search for opportunities to sow the Word, with the “imagination” of communication. Interpreting the thirst and hunger of our contemporaries: thirst for God, hunger for the Gospel. 
Pope Francis in his address to the Daughters of St Paul 4 Oct 2019 

"Yours is an avant-garde apostolate in a vast and complex field 
that offers a multitude of opportunities."
Pope Benedict XVI

"It is not enough to use the media simply to spread the Christian message 
and the Church's authentic teaching, 
it is also necessary to integrate that message in the 'new culture' 
created by modern communications." 
Blessed Pope John Paul II

 "In your work of evangelisation, use the most rapid and effective means progress may provide." 
Blessed James Alberione, SSP

"If Saint Paul were alive, he would mount the most commanding pulpits, 
and multiply his words with the current means of progress - 
press, film, radio, television, (new media)." 
Blessed James Alberione, SSP

In today's new culture of modern communication and societal woes, our central mission is to communicate Christ.  Like our patron, St. Paul, our task is to proclaim to all the unfathomable riches of Jesus, our Divine Master who is the Way to the Father, the Truth who sets us free and the Life who leads us to eternal life.

The first medium in which we accomplish this is through the witness of our lives, consecrated to God and dedicated to the Gospel.  We offer ourselves as the incarnation of Christ's redemptive hope and love.  

Together as a community we then embark on our mission.
The mission of the Daughters of St. Paul involves the media - writing, publication, marketing and distribution of books, CDs, videos, magazines and periodicals, posters, computer software.  

We maintain bookshops and, where possible, we produce radio and TV programs, and have websites, all carrying a Christian message.

In Singapore, we minister in a variety of outreach projects bringing the Gospel message directly to the people. These projects include:
-book fairs and book displays in parishes, schools, conventions

-teaching media literacy to students and to teachers which includes helping teenagers understand the many messages in the media and the need to be discerning in the use of today’s media

-animation and formation initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of dialogue
-utilizing the media for greater human and cultural development, and a more expansive, inculturated evangelization. 

Our Media Centres are places of light to instruct, encourage and direct people on their spiritual journeys.

"Our media centres are focal points of apostolate. They are not commercial shops but centres of service to the faithful. They do not sell but carry out an apostolate for offerings. They are not places of business but centres of light and warmth in Jesus Christ. Their aim is not to make money but to serve the Church and people, not for profit but for spiritual benefit. The book centre is a temple; the one who serves, a preacher. The counter is a pulpit of truth.
Light, holiness, joy in Jesus Christ and Christian life are the goals sought.”
Blessed James Alberione

Media Centre in Singapore:
Apostolate of the Media
Church of the Risen Christ
91 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 319 193

Tel: 63565958
Operating Hours:
Weekdays 11am - 6pm (closed on Monday,Thursday, Public holiday)
Saturday 1pm - 7.30pm
Sunday 8am - 1pm (8am - 7.30pm on last Sunday)